I was originally inspired to develop my training business which now is IRON Girlz business during my time spent with Robert Kiyosaki while I was being interviewed for his book “Rich Dad Success Stories”, I am the 2nd story in that book. I wanted to develop a business I was passionate about as well as inspire others. A quote from this book says it all “we never lost our dreams, we just found a way to make them come true”. I will always find a way to make things work out for everyone and with the help from my mentor and friend Adam McKenzie I was able to do just that with IRON Girlz. My background has been in business development, customer service and sales in the fitness industry for the past 11 years.

“I feel overwhelming joy when I think of how far I’ve come, not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I can now say that I am happy, healthy, confident, strong and comfortable in my own skin. I am blessed!

As a child I was very active. I loved dance, skating, track, cross-country and volleyball. After going through an abusive marriage and ugly divorce at a very young age, I found myself heavy, out of shape and depressed. I thought I could hide my pain behind eating disorders and baggy clothes. This did make the excess weight fall off, but I was a very sick, unhealthy and still a depressed, skinny “fat” person. At that point, I made a decision to start eating healthy and exercising so that I could have the energy needed to keep up with my 5 children.

Unfortunately, I found myself on a diet rollercoaster and boring workout routines. Everything I tried only worked for a short period of time and then failed, which caused me to get frustrated, discouraged and give up. I hit my highest weight at 176 pounds, but the weight on the scale didn’t compare to the weight in my heart and soul. Then I met an amazing spirit (Tracy Rodriquez) at Iron Girlz. She embraced me and let me know that I wasn’t alone. She introduced me to her amazing, unfailing system. I figured I’ve tried everything else, it wouldn’t hurt to try this.

In My first 30 days I lost almost 20 pounds and gained a ton of confidence, self respect and love and so much energy. I felt amazing, empowered, strong and excited to see what was to come. I quickly realized that this is a life style change, not another diet. I continue to gained muscle, definition, self-confidence and most importantly, joy in myself. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to the point in my journey where I start achieving my goals that I had struggled with for years, except for having the opportunity to share with others and help them experience the same thing.

My journey thus far and the fact that I am a product of the Iron Girlz system speaks volumes and is the foundation of what I this woman’s transformation center is all about. I am now excited to be a part of the IRON Girlz team and be able to help you all!”

My favorite part of my day is waking up and starting the day right with the AMAZING ladies of Iron Girlz!!! Each of these ladies put their heart and soul into making positive life style changes in their lives! Having walked my own fitness journey with Tracey and Iron Girlz program; now as a trainer I am honored to have the opportunity to share and help the ladies reach their own goals, while building their confidence and finding happiness from within themselves!

I like being a trainer so I can share my passion for health and fitness and inspire people to be the best they can be. I enjoy being a part in helping people change their lives in a positive way from the inside out. Whenever I can make a deference in a person’s life I believe it is a blessing.


Hello all,

I am Ashley have been on my weight-loss Journey for four years, lost 85 lb continuing for more! Helping and motivating other women is a true passion of mine. I want to give other women hope that their dreams can be reality as well! It’s not always about the scale but what you feel on the inside!

I am a single mom to a almost 10 year old and life has definitely had its ups and downs! My one piece of advice to other women in the same situation is to never give up!
I am excited to not only continue my journey but also to help others get their own at IRON Girlz!


My name is Heather Fedde and I am a self-proclaimed work-out dork. After moving to the Valley from Omaha, Nebraska during the summer of 2016, I was searching all over for a gym where I could get results, be my dorky self, and meet some new fit-minded friends. IRON Girlz met ALL of these criteria! In my fitness past, I have been a group fitness instructor teaching various boxing, kick-boxing and even hip-hop dancing formats. After starting out as a member of IRONGirlz, and meeting the amazing owner, the fabulous trainers and the fantastic other members—I knew this was the place for me! I love the energy and vision of this gym and the sisterhood that comes along with it! Training at IRONGirlz is a perfect fit and I look forward to bringing fun and function to your work-outs and traveling with you all on your fitness journeys! Let’s crush those goals together!